After the complete combustion of engine oil, the additives in the lube oil get oxidize and turn black. This is because of removal of oxygen and the increase in the number of carbon content in the Lube oil. Apart from the oxidized base oil, it has proportion of water and mixture of lighter hydrocarbons namely diesel and petrol.

Since we all know that lubricants are hydrocarbons and the chain breaks easily at an elevated temperature. Although lube oil have a major content of Base oil which adds up to 75% of total formulation of Lube oil. Rest being the additives. This base oil is easily recoverable and hence we treat the waste lube oil to recover the base oil and reuse them or blend them with
additives to make Lube Oil or Lubricant Oil again.


We have our own set of patented technology when it comes to Used Lube Oil Recycling Process plant or Waste Oil or black oil recycling plant. ( Scroll down to the bottom of this page to know more. )

The process is very simple and all our technologies obey the major steps of this process.

  • Process starts with Black oil being filtered to remove solid impurities and then pumped into large Kettles or thermal reactors or jacketed vessels.
  • The temperature is maintained between 180-200 degrees. This ensures that there remains no water or any moisture content in the black oil.
  • The batch is then transferred to the other kettle or distillation kettle as we say. Here the lighter components are removed namely kerosene, petrol and diesel.

  • After the distillation process is finished, the batch is transferred to absorbers or Wet Film Evaporators or Liquid Liquid Extractors depending upon the technology the client prefers. In this stage the Odor is removed and the color of the recovered base oil is lowered in the range of 1-3.
  • The recovered base oil is stored in Tank farms and the lighter components are stored in separate tanks in the same tank farms. The base oils are then blended with additives to make Lubricant Oils and are therefore procured by companies who process and blend them. But that require another separate set of Plant which is only used for Blending.
  • In the end nothing is disposed off in the nature and no issues are reported thereafter in exploiting the ecosystem as well.


Zero Waste

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Pollution Free

Clay & Acid Free