The Soybean is a legume widely known for it’s oil content. It’s major application is for edible purpose and protein substitute for dietary supplements.

Extraction of Oil from soybeans takes place by first Dehulling the beans and the cold pressing it to remove excess oil throw expellers. In secondary stages it is treated with hexane which extracts oil and moisture all together from the expelled beans. The crude oil undergoes distillation and further treatments to obtained pure oil.

The Oil is packed in cans and pouches respective to the volume assigned and sold in the market.


  • Soybeans are cold press and fed into extrudes and expellers where they undergo intense compression and oil is squeezed from the beans. This beans are highly viscous and hence require more treatment and processes to obtain final product.
  • The gummed oil is sent to other process industries which undertake further treatment stages or they are further treated with a bed of mixture of steam and while hexane gas is passed at the end.
  • The gas extracts all moisture and oil content in the mixture because of it solvent property. The hexane, Oil and water is separated by distillation. Hexane is recovered and utilized back again.
  • Additives are added and enhanced the physical and chemical properties of the oil. This includes de-gumming , color and odor of the oil.
  • Although Soybean oil is used for various purpose in household as well as in feed stock, its by product hold importance too. There are a significant number of oleo-chemicals made from the byproducts of soybean oil processing.
  • The final distilled oil is packed in cans and pouches and after thorough nutritive value checks, it is sold in market.

Advantages of our Technology

  • Area optimized plant design
  • Quality improvement support
  • Maximum recovery of hexane
  • Low utility exchange rate.
  • User friendly and comes with low hassle operation
  • Assistance to additive formulation and market study