This is the secondary stage to waste lube oil or base oil recovery.
The base oil is pumped in kettles or jacketed reactors or stirred vessels and are blended with additives proportionality as per the formulation of the desired Lubricant oil.

The whole blending process takes place at a thorough maintained temperature and then filtered and stored in Tank farms.The Blended oil is then pumped into filling stations where it is packed in Pouches, Cans and Drums.

The Blended oil is then pumped into filling stations where it is packed in Pouches, Cans and Drums.


There are three ways in which the formulation is acquired.

  • Automatic Batch Blending (ABB)
  • Simultaneous Metered Blending (SMB)
  • Inline Blending (ILB)


The ABB unit is typically made of four basic modules:

  • The blending vessel
  • The specially designed mixing system
  • Load Cells
  • Hoppers

Base oil is pumped into the blending vessel along with the other additives. The proportion is measured as per load cell value and the recipe desired.

Advantages of Automatic Batch Blender:

  • Direct weight measurement
  • Highly automated
  • Minimum contamination–only tanks require cleaning
  • Short set-up time

Limitations are only that it operates in the range of 3000L to 30,000L per batch.


The SMB unit adopts flow measuring technologies of the ABB, but instead of blending in a kettle, the components are sent through a header into designated storage tanks for mixing.


  • Kettle not required
  • Large production capacity batch blending.
  • The output has to be transferred into storage tanks, equipped with mixers for final homogenization after charging all components into the tank.
  • Mass flow measurement
  • Efficient for any blend size – limited only to size of destination tank
  • Minimum contamination
  • Short set-up time – only drum line set-up time is required
  • Can be combined with ABB / ILB units (pre-blending)


 It is a high throughput production unit which based on real time measuring of liquid components. All Components are mixed at the blend header and transferred to storage or filling areas.

The ILB mixing technology eliminates the need for bulk storage tanks and speeds up the rate of production, minimizing inventory, reducing capital cost and making on-spec finished products ready to package or ship.


  • Available in both Automatic and Semi-automatic options
  • Easy to set up and low maintenance
  • After service assistance
  • Can be modified as joint connection with Recovered Base Oil Plant.
  • Formulation and Quality assistance in blending recipe.