As we are all familiar with Greases. In general it is a semi solid consisting of a homogeneous mixture of Lubricants and Soaps. The Soap is any fatty acid while lubricant oil are refined base oils.

Servotex provides engineering services of manufacturing these Grease plants.

  • Lithium Grease
  • Calcium Grease
  • Soda Base Grease
  • Aluminum Grease
  • Complex Soap
  • Synthetic Grease


  • Refined Lubricant oil or Base oil from tank farm are introduced in day tanks.
  • Soap is taken into process by mixing caustic lye and lube oil and stirring them to obtain a thick highly greasy or viscous mixture.
  • The whole process takes place in regulated temperature in a kettle or jacketed vessel.
  • After the process completion , the batch is allowed to cool and de-areated and induced in the filter for any solid particles.
  • The final stage is the filling station where it is packed in cans and pouched as desired volume and sold in the market.

Advantages of our technology:

  • Available in both Automatic and Semi-automatic options
  • Easy to set up and low maintenance
  • After service assistance
  • Can be modified as joint connection with Recovered Base Oil Plant.
  • Available in segregated and Skid mount systems.